Prehistoric Pets Terrordactyl Interactive Dinosaur

Prehistoric Pets Terrordactyl Interactive Dinosaur

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Get ready for a blast from the past with Terrordactyl, the interactive dinosaur who loves to snap and has a little trouble keeping his food down Advanced dinorobotics allow Terrordactyl to interact with his owner just like a real pet, with 20 different dino sounds Tame him by petting his head or under his chin and he'll chirp in appreciation. But watch out if you rub him the wrong way or leave him alone for too long, he'll start snapping up a storm with a terrifying screech Since Terrordactyl is one hungry Prehistoric Pet, he'll often beg for food. To keep him satisfied, feed him his gooey grub. Just beware he might throw a spit fit and blast his food back at you Set him in guard mode and when someone comes by and he'll launch a snap attack. You can also carry Terrordactyl around on your arm to surprise your friends with a sticky strike
  • Terrordactyl is a fast-snapping, projectile-spitting interactive dinosaur
  • Advanced dino-robotics allows you to interact with just like a real pet
  • Tame him and carry him on your arm or send him on a snap attack
  • Features 20 different dino sounds
  • Set him in guard mode to launch a sticky strike on anyone who comes by

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