T-Rex Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle (Green)

T-Rex Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle (Green)

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The Creative DeskĀ® dinosaur hatching egg candle is the perfect gift for the dinosaur lover in your family. This uniquely designed product is a wonderful addition to the creative environment that we create at our desks and home. Watch as the 65 million year old dinosaur hatches from the clean burning, non-scented candle. Hand crafted by master craftsmen the egg and wick construction is unmatched and will burn perfectly every time. The one of a kind handcrafted glass dinosaur figurine has been impeccably crafted and designed and will certainly be a welcome addition to collection. Dinosaur Eggs for Easter! The Creative Desk family is dedicated to creating products that are inspiring, useful and fun. Believe us, we know! We spend our days at our desks and we are on a mission to make these hours as inspiring, fun and creative as possible. Our product line will only increase in the future and we hope you're as excited as we are for upcoming product offerings that will inspire and ignite the creative energy to finish that next project.
  • Unique gift for the Dinosaur Lover in the family. Great candle for warm summer nights.
  • Collectible Hand Crafted Glass Dinosaur Figurine
  • Wonderfully clean non-scented burning candle
  • Perfect accessory to your creative enviornment
  • Cool Patio Candle for nights out on the deck.

Dinosaur Gifts  


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