TRex Raptor Dinosaur Jurassic NEW Black 3D iPhone 6 / 6S Case | Wellcoda

TRex Raptor Dinosaur Jurassic NEW Black 3D iPhone 6 / 6S Case | Wellcoda

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Where Does It All Begin?

It all starts in a dark basement, where we keep our designers chained to their desks. Just kidding - we let them out into the sunlight occasionally. Our awesome and well cared for designers come up with unique and creative ideas and we select the very best to go on our garments.

We Do the Hard Work

We do all the difficult stuff to make our products available to you. We create a listing with description and post it online. Then all you have to do is browse our products to find the ones you like best.

Order...Just Click Once

You can't go wrong with placing your order - unless you're on the wrong store. You've found a phone case you like, so all you have to do is use One Click ordering to get it. Don't go crazy and start clicking all over the place. Once is enough.

Get Your Print On

Next, comes the printing stage, which is pretty self-explanatory. We use high-quality phone cases and the latest printing techniques to put your chosen design on your model case. When two become one...

Under Extreme Scrutiny

This is the bit when we check the quality of your product before we send it to you. Our quality inspector gives his seal of approval (not literally), then your order gets packaged up into a nice and neat little package.

This Is Where We Part Ways

It's time for us to say goodbye to our carefully nurtured phone cases. We set them off on their journey with a packed lunch and a flask of tea, plus a name tag so they don't get lost. Only one of those is true.

Don't Be Shy, Show Off!

Getting a package is always exciting - it's like Christmas! After you've tried on your new phone case, don't keep it to yourself. Show everyone what great taste you have! Take a selfie in front of a mirror!

  • Quick orders dispatch, With Free 365 Day Return - Ideal for Gift
  • Wellcoda 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - You'll totally Love it or you'll get all Your Money Back!
  • Strong & Flexible Glossy iPhone Cover Provides Great Protection, The Print Doesn't Peel or Fade
  • Design: Monster Prehistoric Park Movie World Fossil Light Bone Museum History Dino Egg Teeth
  • Extremely Durable, Premium Quality Phone Cases, Designed & Profesionally Printed by Wellcoda Team

Dinosaur Gifts